Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Masterclass

Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Masterclass

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October 20-21 2017
Rashid Hospital, Dubai

About Speaker

John Gibbons

Learning Outcomes


  • The role of the physical therapist
  • Different types of soft tissue techniques
  • Differentiate BMRT from STR
  • Strain counterstrain and Positional release techniques explained
  • Muscle energy techniques (MET)
  • Myofascial techniques
  • Open forum, case studies, differential diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain.


  • Surface anatomy – identification of bony landmarks, muscles and ligaments
  • Surface anatomy of the psoas, release of the psoas using myofascial technique, MET and positional release (PR)
  • Surface anatomy – shoulder assessment and treatment using soft tissue techniques
  • Treatment of lumbar spine erector spinae, decompression using the bodymaster release techniques (BMRT)
  • Assessment and treatment of cervical spine
  • Assessment and treatment of hip joint, piriformis and the sciatic nerve
  • Treatment of specific injuries using BMRT, STR, SCS, MET and PR.
  • Techniques concerning the Achilles tendinopathy; lateral epicondilitis, medial and lateral hamstrings, rectus femoris and peroneals will be demonstrated.


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