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Leave this blank. I cannot believe it! Here we are closing out another school year. Nebraska social studies educators, you jogs are a special bunch who keep rising to the occasion. In the past year you all have done some pretty amazing things! You are embracing inquiry, selecting high-quality instructional materials for students, figuring feederal how to effectively teach multicultural education, and jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail civics regardless of the social studies discipline.

I have had the pleasure stjdent sharing in this work with educators from across the state of Nebraska, including Oshkosh, Ainsworth, Shickley, Wakefield, and all of the places in between. You all have reached out to me with your questions, concerns, and hopes for the future. In the coming school years, I look forward to all that you all will continue to do for Nebraska students.

Just as last year, the newsletter will pause during the summer months. This should be a time of rest, relaxation, and time spent with loved ones. You do not need me bombarding you with jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail information. I hope you find the jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail helpful. Enjoy your summer break and we will chat again!

Did you know that it has been almost thirty years since the vision joobs mission statements for social studies in Nebraska have been updated? According to opengrowth. It helps everyone within an organization know the purpose of its existence and core values on which it is governed. It is an integral part that helps to set priorities and ensure that everyone is working towards common goals and objectives, thus providing a road-map to the future.

The new vision and mission for Nebraska have been developed through a collaborative effort with educators and ESU personnel throughout the state. Guess what?! Nebraska social studies has its own podcast! There are a couple of things that many of us have come to expect from social studies education. The first is promoting the rights, ideals, liberties, and principles that our country has come to value.

The second is the high importance that we place on text and other instructional materials. Stuent seek to help teachers envision a world in which they can properly identify and choose HQIMs rather hobs always making their own materials from scratch.

We offer a look into how to curate and teach documents that embrace multicultural education and multiple perspectives. Yes, the podcast is about instructional methods and materials, but we aimed to create an engaging experience with a couple of laughs and some lighthearted conversation throughout.

Stream from all of the major platforms and please download, listen and share! And if you have any questions, send us an email or visit the Social Responsibilities Podcast webpage! This document was compiled by the Council of State Social Studies Supervisors as a way to communicate узнать больше здесь wealth of professional development opportunities available to social studies educators.

A special thanks to all of the organizations who helped contribute to this work and to the many organizations who are offering high quality social studies professional development for social studies kogin across usaa insurance phone pay country. Many of the opportunities below are offered free or low cost, but some opportunities do have a cost.

When opportunities are highlighted in yellow, it means there are not yet updates for that particular program. The document will be updated holidays 2022 vancouver suny the spring of Please email Stefanie Wager at stefanie.

Now we are most excited to announce our newest award:. Jurgemeyer Memorial Scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship is to reward one deserving high school senior whose body of work, both inside and outside the classroom, has demonstrated a special dedication to Law-Related Education with academic excellence.

The requirements of this reward are quite rigorous, and we are looking for that outstanding student who meets or exceeds the criteria and deserves to be recognized. We would like your help in getting the word out about this new scholarship, so please forward this information to your students, peers, colleagues, college counselors, or whomever you feel may know of such a deserving student.

The application deadline is May 31,the winner will be announced no later than July 1, jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail, and the presentation will be made at our ALA Annual Meeting in Chicago in early August, so time is of the essence! Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for all jjobs do lotin law-related education. I look forward to seeing many детальнее на этой странице applications! Using jons Choices Curriculum from Brown University, made available to Nebraska teachers at no cost by Humanities Nebraska, you can empower your students to become engaged, informed citizens.

As your students learn about international trade, terrorism, immigration, nuclear proliferation, and climate change, this program can instill in them the power to hold thoughtful conversations and make education decisions. Join us this summer at the Department of Geography and Geology feeral the University of Nebraska Omaha for a professional development. Please fill out the form to participate.

Spots are limited. The llogin to officially day events in vancouver bc 2019 ford Asian American and Pacific Islander contributions to the United States began in the late s, and took over 10 years to make it a permanent month-long celebration. Below are resources for educators wanting to incorporate AANPI instructional materials in their classrooms. To help ensure the longevity of our democracy, National Council for the Social Studies NCSS encourages the creation of a civics diploma seals program in your state, district, or school.

We have created a modular Seal of Civic Readiness Toolkit with timelines, frequently asked questions, creation steps, and advocacy tips. The toolkit will help your school create, implement, and adopt the seal for usage. Democracy by nature requires an informed and engaged electorate. Research tells us studebt it is critical that students participate in civic learning that includes:. Civics diploma seals are tangible symbols jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail the value gmil comprehensive and research-based civic education practices in schools.

Seals send a signal to colleges and employers that a student has excelled in an area of study. Local education agencies can also take great pride in the number of diploma seals that are awarded to students, and diploma seals can serve as an accountability measure for school effectiveness, and a way to encourage parents jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail the public to support civic education.

Sincethe OC for SS has become one of the biggest professional development events for social studies teachers in America, bringing thousands of teachers from across the country together to learn and grow. Past keynotes have included author John Green; social justice activist Bryan Stevenson; and journalist and historian Jill Lepore. Track Talks are short TED-style videos recorded by leading educators on the topics you need to know about as an educator. We will be gradually releasing these videos in the weeks leading up to the conference to give you time to check them all out, and jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail them in the conference discussion forum ahead of the event.

Teachers will be selected randomly for both the training and control groups. Double-room occupancy. How: Download the application! Applications due June 15, Contact Dr. Vontz tvontz ksu. New Nebraska law requires that the Holocaust and genocide education be adopted into the social studies state standards state statute Here is a wonderful resource that secondary educators can use to help tell the story of Holocaust survivors.

The site includes testimony, geographical and primary historical resources, documentation, and photos collected or harvested from local and disparate sources. Various tools enhance these stories through technologies such as digital story maps, access to testimonies, and network analysis of these individuals who were connected to and involved in their Nebraska communities. The project engages individual contributors, local stakeholder organizations, and national and international repositories.

NDE Statewide Assessment is seeking highly qualified educators to participate in virtual ELA assessment development and review opportunities. Click the image for more details. Any full-time educator of grades K—12 who teaches American history including state and local history is eligible for consideration. American history may be taught as an individual subject or as part of other subjects, such as social studies, reading, or language arts. The award will honor exceptional elementary and secondary school teachers.

Eligible generalist and specialist teachers in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Department of Defense schools, and US Territories are encouraged to apply. Our goal is simple: foster a robust understanding of citizenship and get students active in their communities now!

Submission is open to US citizens and US based young people between the ages of 13 and 19 years old on January 1, Submission must be received by pm PT on Sunday, May 1, The contest is designed for one student per entry, but groups of up to five students gv submit as a single group entry. Prizes awarded to group entries will be split evenly between entrants.

This documen t was compiled by the Council of State Social Studies Supervisors as a way to communicate the wealth of professional development opportunities available to social studies educators.

Historical scholarship and perspective to help make a better world. The Lepage Center brings historical scholarship and historical perspective to bear on contemporary global issues and has created different activities and funding opportunities to promote the importance of historical scholarship, methods, and inquiry for the public interest.

How can the study of history help us understand contemporary challenges we face in the world today, such as COVID, migration, and climate change? Participating teachers will collect essays from their students and submit them to lepage villanova. The best essays will receive an award. We support teachers of American history, government and civics, believing they do the most important work in America.

We are dedicated to making every American history, fedsral, and civics class in America its best. Teaching American History is a free resource that brings together primary documents, continuing education, and jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail for American history teachers.

The Vision Maker Media Producers Summit is open with free registration to filmmakers who want to learn about Vision Maker Media and other opportunities in public media. The summit will be held in Studentt, Nebraska, April The training day focuses on topics such as the PBS Red Book, financial management, public media broadcast licensing, and more.

A variety of the training sessions will be jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod student login gmail online for those registered for virtual participation. Prepare to undergo a journey, with its inception beginning deep in the historic and pre-colonial heart of Africa, crossing usz great Atlantic, passing through the American Underground, and ending with triumphant freedom at the longest lasting Black Homestead in Nebraska History, DeWitty AudaciousNebraska.



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Zein has been a Lincoln-Douglas debater since his freshman year, becoming team captain his junior year. Evaluate how considering multiple perspectives facilitates an understanding of history.


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