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It was a case of of interest last month. Charkop police station, said. Thackeray took announced the formation 2A is being constructed. Station naming Finance Minister Ajit Pawar ter. According to Dr. Sanjay years and was on the night ice in his statement. Kumar Congress. Police Dave during a press conference on Thursday.

The and about 10 international set up similar treadmills on New beginnings: Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray performs the bhoomipoojan of a cluster development project at Kisan Nagar rashtra Police. Last week, Pandit Jasraj, scholarships. A world over who are learning Joshi. It has forecast a gradual the next generation.

For travelled km to Pune. The maestro graduate every year. A musical legacy: Pandit Jasraj shares a light moment with great granddaughter Krisha Mehra at has made Hindustani music musicians. In the backdrop is a portrait of the vocalist in his younger days. Pandit Jasraj is the only Celsius, which is normal. Mahesh Palawat, vice spirituality. Durga said bapuji her musician to have performed The warmest day this president of meteorology at style of my gharana has temples to invoke god.

Pandit Spirit Cruise in A degrees Celsius. Joshi having a minor planet ture was Tope said that the their apartment. She is responding to Press Trust of India Mr. He said the VSI works in the bodies. Bhandari said. The court was hearing Friday. Banerji said. All nistration to reason with Senior Superintendent of the dead originally belong to them to give up their protest. Police Dinesh Kumar P. Kumar said at the Idgah Maidan in the on Thursday.

Ali said they were leader told The Hindu. Library on February 5. The his murder, a senior police Punjab and Rajasthan, the the local agricultural vernor Jagdeep Dhankhar Mr. Dalal added. Ltd was the health partner. Young World Quiz. Published by N. M Bala at the following number between 10 a. Mumbai : Fixed Rate for Mumbai : Rs.

Minimum size of 3. Ever heard of onomatopoeia? Discover something new today. Let your little ones READ their crackling answers on www. State recorded 7. Yediyurappa pose with sections of the Indian Penal October and November last documents.

Ramesh L. Jarkiholi and Mr. Singh ment. The victims ed by the court S. They were lios by Saturday. Anand Singh, big responsibility. According to the K. Sudhakar, B. The market police, the first accused got A. Shivaram Hebbar, B. Gopalaiah, K. KIA car plant not moving out of A. He termed it public sector bank. The accused was will screen over films State to Tamil Nadu. Yesudas, was found violence in Kannur, K. But to my surprise, sure. He was Very from his rented house at Koothuparamba, her vom, to him.

Thrikkakara around 8. Fleming further said a. Her times. The management by the Navy personnel, the body. It seems to be a right leg had to be care she received from she said after joining duty. Malankara Metropolitan surprise. It would R. Meena met Mr. Though a temporary formed the integral part of tualities as I had worked have been a disaster for a ing.

But when we started Airport at Reza and Bhupesh Narain. The streets were The aircraft, known as Chinese authorities allowed in China. All passengers nel from the Army and the Agartala Passengers Aizawl But many Chennai In observation made at 6. Banumathi will of pollution. In contrast, Pondicherry University Lucknow NO2: Nitrogen Dioxide. High concentration in air reduces oxygen supply to mark their protest against the the ongoing Defexpo.

At very high levels, it can cause dizziness, confusion, unconsciousness and even death. We understand tions regime on terrorism. With new cases of been held up for a while. We have submitted spread over four phases. Heappey said. On the front foot informal sector provides the vast majority of opportunities both for strengthened.

A week after the Budget, it is formal sector enterprises. At the press conference after ferred versions of formality. Rather, it must be to improve tion space for people who have need for labour reforms in other nutes. The exemption to banks from providing for cash business outcomes. In fact, the sector is growing with advances in enterprises. He says they cannot be forced pends on their soft skills. There is a desire to connect the gig economy.

And they should sions must be enhanced. By version of formality. However, the er. Arun Maira is a former member of the nod for permitting extension of date of commencement In India, which currently faces costs. Our government seems. Such information has the potential to her speech, Ms. The new ment. And nCoV than its elections. But realising the be tabled but could enable protection of privacy. The 6. At the same time, we Wuhan and it has killed ecosensitive citizens have by a committee of experts chaired by Justice B.

To be blamed here is from RO for cleaning, Technology in While running a virus. When an Sukumaran C. Besides, it design. While the version of the Bill seeks to retain of dubious intent. Yet, against Indians. Sethuraman, China has had the history concerned. Consequently, considered an ingredient in considering the manner in which public data are being rooted in misinformation, Vote for performance Chennai and experience of SARS concerned citizens install good water management stored and used by both the state and private entities, a canards and toxic slogans.

Minister Arvind Kejriwal An opaque system corona family. Venkatasubramanian, are won and lost. Does the Budget do enough in providing a stimulus to growth? And es are limited. But their purchasing power. In a discus- China. Srini- ed by the lack of direction in the ing lower, banks are not lending; the One quick point on NBFCs etc. On structural reforms, from there.

Do the Budget proposals appointing. The good news, of in terms of, whether in the Budget legislation. If so, to what extent? So, therefore, their bet is happen separately as well. But as the capex cycle comes through, only social security and kitty need to take the hit. And there a road map for any kind of deeper and thereby lift consumption regime end up impacting tructure investments. If both of them spending? Household savings We saw what happened 10 years and that irrespective of whether you cle does not repeat.

Jain Institute of a stimulus. And clearly, the make sense. And the phase we are going through. But the broader point you changed quietly. She continued side, I think it is [at] best status quo. The savings know, the corporate tax rate cut is some of these things behind us. But [That has] not happened. And in time. Srinivasan growth. There are a lot of good rather than try to sort of give up on and consumption, the starting point structural side before that happens.

But as of now, if ing through. I think our big positives in the Budget. Nathanael ture suspects in their custody. According to a report published by tion in connection with a murder note, the two men listed the names of Mashiriq here [New Delhi], Mr. Bhutto told a case.

When proportionate assets. If Ayub died. Expectedly, the not have been in a position to manufacture the case. In , A virus is a formidable foe breaks. Galoshes Lord Willingdon from all that we hear seems possible within the State.

However, only a few States ing card that will impress a eral population, just shades disinfectant? It is often about ity in the past. It is not at all several cases.

If so Strictures passed against policemen ing custodial deaths. Chennai were a common mark on journalists too. Those sent out to into dark splotches on the necessary. Tewari said Mr. He accused high. Describing Kashmir as a paign, Mr. Counter point: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi leaving and demanded an apology. Modi, who spoke for 1 gency, arbitrarily dismissed of Thanks to the President about jobs He had Delhi election campaigns ments oscillated between ment and she sold her hair Budget was brutal, geted the Congress.

Modi was trying to Mr. Tewari said. Without naming Mr. Gandhi, tions to the sun] that my agreement signed with less funds. Abdul Kalam, Mr.

Special Correspondent feated the very purpose of it. Modi asserted imposition of Internet tions. Wilson said. This is come together to suggest an alternative. Prasad argued. Wilson Edappadi K. Palaniswami cial year and 5.

Jammu and Kashmir. Shyamkumar, who joined ha. Such a turn of events may even eighteen steps to the Sabarimala temple. Omar Abdullah and Ms.

Mufti were booked ise people. Jaishankar pain. PTI heart attack. Gupta into the incident. He speaks on the campaign, its tonality and The State government did candidates in previous polls. Delhi voted for Our corporators should ryana. How did been spoken of as involved in obstructing funds and works Manohar Lal Khattar were this strictly necessary?

Kejriwal] has lier, we highlighted in the Jharkhand. There is no formula. We will not continue voted to power? Shaheen Bagh in a big way to spread this across the More importantly, he would stick? But the one point where the helped? For example, ration cards and also framed it as country.

Thakur and Mr. Singh were both banned by Mr. Jaishankar said on an ad hoc committee set up Thursday. India, Mr. Asian destinations is two port project in Iran.

Jaishankar come this challenge through lateral arrangement with fety online. President Donald peachment trial. Trump Bolton. Trump tweeted. Trump did not shake Ms. Pelosi tore up a people. Senators Grisham said via a fence of Mr. Nadler said. Buttigieg, Sanders nearly tied police, died of the Dr. But the tended to ensure the supply Dr. Amy submit their totals. Klobuchar trailing behind.

Sanders are nearly tied in leased just after midnight Technical problems nesday, obstacles remained. The vessel, with 3, and also, if we get sick, to be Young Iraqi protesters porting delays. Both Mr. Taiwan, Sadr. AFP cus sites across the state to chusetts Sen. At least 20 people on said he hoped the U. The group had for long demanded inclusion Spartacus star started his career in s as sexual minorities.

Airbus aircraft deal. AFP ramming attack elsewhere prevent its main enemy Mr. Later, bollah. Clean up! She has already consumed Lanka with her taught 7 5 Trying to repair sign? CRR exemption to lower rates Gold ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 41, ddddddddddddddd0. Banks have, so far, time debt recast for these The step was taken with a Cipla. GAIL India. February and October Reliance Ind.

Japanese Yen Then we have available to the RBI. You Swiss Franc. Because we out, on the basis of which cise the other option. And if it is 0.

Piaggio unveils system which will enable banks to reduce lending rate. The corporate bonds are a if we will give an extension. Bosch gained 2. So, by Operation Twist, government can also ro MotoCorp 1. Does it concern you? As I have said, 0. Because of that, onion how help banks to reduce the corporate bond market, number going up, the open tage of GDP which we have in policy day.

It also gives not so much to manage the market borrowing number the current year. With over 5. Ayukawa added. It will be launched raging new age technology. We also started Crozz concept vehicle. However, the biggest ket share by Goenka vestment of approximately across 11 States in the country.

Manish Goenka, director, down 1. IDBI Trusteeship, crore. Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu iversities were closed. Love, in the A love for baklavas. A visit to the large store is not less than a sensory experience. This one is a treat for home cooks and lovers of food. The Soviet and AmericaD sides have agreed to proceed stage by stage toward a test ban. But the United States, long tom over the value of a ban. It is tree that there are costs risks in restraining technology.

The wise answer is no. It is true that a test ban would make it harder to deagu new nusriles. But iriiat wouid be lost? Perhaps, but would that make them better weapons, or simply more irsable? Moscow catdies up. A test ban alone would do little to reduce the risk oS nudear war or nudear prolifera- tioQ.

No prerident hu accepted its application anywhere, and President Ronald Reagan, claiming a. But DOW that the U. Legislators have varying views, not necessarily corresponding to party, of whether the prospect in the Gulf is adding up to the sort cl war that the act anticipat- ed.

There is fear that invoking the law, even itt circumstances aiggAeiing that Concuss would approve of presidential policy, would send ndschievdus signals of confn- siou and inconstancy.

The fact, however, is that application of the act here could create as much dispute as coosensus, in a context where there oasts a considerable and informed consensus around the preridenf s policy.

To hear Prerident Reagan, any stqps forward by the Sandinists are a sham because they could niaidi backward tomor- row. Thus admmistraticxi officials peevish- refuse even one affirmative word when Managua lifts a IS-month ban on the mqor opporitiem paper. La Prensa Indeed, Mr. But Mr. Haltingly, Nicaragua El Salva- dor are heading toward cease-fires. Of course the Sandinists can reverse their concessioos. But there is ntiddle ground between gidHtnlity and hostility, and leqion- sible diplomacy should reach for iL The farther the Sandinists go down the road to democrat, the harder for them to reverse couiseL Freedran is infeetioos, as Mr.

Thqr know tiiat every adnumstratioa official who has taken seriously Mr. Even now. Reagan talks about peace and democracy in Cratral America but will not even say a word to advance it There’s sham and there’s sham. RCS Nmm B Ciwiuiuwi PatSdn No. R forces in Spain. Diplomats say the king does not maslf his uoease edth the way Spain’s Socialist prime miaister. Juan Carlos seems to believe that Mr.

He also feels, however, that the argument has gone too far in public for Mr. The mam questiou to be resolved the king feels, is how to meet U. Or did he wtfox himself in choosmg ihis democxatiomuided monarch?

These are juestkms Juan Caiios has spent a giWt deal of time won- dering about, and lun even be is sure of the answers. Bui, with a tone of respect for the generahsamo in Us voice. Itis own hdr, now 19, win be 35 when Juan Caiios is But freedom of movement is not the end of the road. But recent revaluations of the Taiwan dcdlar are eroding prerfit opportunities.

Taiwan loses snbstantial- ty on this capital since most of it is held in U. Taiwan has tried to disarm U. The exercise is largely counterproductive: It can only lower Taiwan prices rdative to U. True, Taiwan has grudgingly moved to fiieer trade by cutting some tariffs.

But with 26J line itons in its cus- Uxnsccxle. The wisest thing Taiwan codd do would be to riiminate all tariffs, quo- tas. The elimination of trade restraints should also pre-enqrt any riliinasa in tbe U.

This would enable Taiwan to grow without pricing itsdf out the world market. The writer is an economist at G,T. Governor Mkdiari Dricalds.

Presideot Reagan, tbe alleged fiscal conservative, has run up the largest deficit in U. He had bdp frcHn the liberal Lynckaa B. The new liq- uid abundance attracted hordes of unwanted nomaMlg. Village Ixtys who had drawn water in buckets had nothing to do, and some be- came crhninals. The cautionary tale of the sMar pump, a real case sttxly, was provuled by Dr. Anne-Marie Laulan of the Univeraity of Bcxdeaux. Another will be to prepan for new definidans of wodc, workup hours and leisure time.

In phMonics, he said, Bdl sden- tists expect that by , a single mtie fiber will be able to transmit 10 miUion conveisatiw at the g-irrv time. Today they cany 3J Another result, Mr. PartoO said ctnild be a threat to tbe wdiolesale industry; retailers would be connected eletxronically to maoufacturera, so that vdien a saiiB is recorded an order for a cnlaoeniisnt will be transmitted directly.

It would also secure a better life forits people. Baiik, triiose centralized control over credit made it difficult for entrmreoeuis to bor- row mooey without finanrial connec- tions. But before we learn tbe final out- come, Mr. But nobody wants tight-fisted, cracker- barrel economics, either. They decided to luipcfa SOS-Ra-. D6rir has become a TV oelriiiity. They need to edocate their, parents against racism the way bay edneate thimi about cooqniteis.

Where yqjb. It is eocouiaging. The New York Tones. MSe rei. The gnnhwa t Wheeling is the only American war- ship now in Dominican waters. Chinese wares baidy found dse- r. An ewer from the same «ea and “y ir. The squat, lughtiioid-. A »-‘:. Uicae ‘j. Indeed gwdfic flcdes were oom-. One of the ;. There are vast qnaarities of Vktnamese pottery in France; ne- glected and often scattered in pri- vate hands. As for tiie later Une and vritite wares of tire 15tii and 16th centn- riei, they wonld prebaUy not have beeu identified.

I mm’fe , v-s iMOti? He was thorough and he was hard wiring. He was not just nasty to other people — he was nasty to fahnself. He Imew of only one other ezanqik, seen in Singqiore in 1 Bwuard B. ItTs an enonnous loss. Alotignon – Paris 8lh TaL. I TaL: The Dow Jones industrial average rose 3. Broader market indeus also gamed. The New York Stock Exchange index rose 0. The price of an avoage share rose 7 cents. But declines edged advances hy about 7 to 6 on volume of IS mxUioD on Thursday.

As a result, a lot of people are sitting on the sideUnes. Indng Corp. The Bank of New York Co. In the teefanology sector. MntotcgvatiqitfattheaitecrfmeariyBioiige Ayw iniwa. Td; Havdecs can then jdn in three dim of feasts. At the skipper’s ay. For neazty 15 years the area we tonred, known as South Moresby, after the largest of the soaihecn island has been been the pme in a battle between two powerful groups.

The lagging industry bad been set on harvesting the vngm forests that crowd the slopes of the mounteiaous iriands. Huge tracts of the island had been stripped bare, leaving ugly, scarred hillsides littered with the trunks o[ smaller trees.

Washrooms are ade- quate, but ctanqied. But it is more baric things of vdiidi the skipper is most proud. I was qicgious- ly wrong. Of none gave more pleasure than te bald eagles that are as oommoa in tlwse islands as anyvdiae in North Aznezica. Given the northerly location of the Char- loltes, I bad wtxidered about the weather, even in July. For much of our journey the weather was glorious — cool evenings, mis- y xtionungB and hot days, tempting the hardier amcmg my feDow passengers to take quick dips in the chilly PadRc waters.

The olive oils, herbal tastes and gariic define its le- ziowaed Iboven 9 al aiisine. These are the pbees people will tdl yon to keqr SBcieL But 1 do not fed guily. And though romns miy be Smhed, theie are many rodi inns to choose from. The pace, if there is any at all on tbe narrow, cobble-stoned streets too narrow for cars, is as slow as the brushfserdLes of one of the resident artists vriio seem to be forever painting tha 15th-oeDtuiy fountain and ruined castle.

And at to S2S francs, the 14 rooms fit into the category of qualiy and comfort for a fairly modest piice. This oAerge has its peosliarities, one of which is forbidding gmnlring in its dirting and bedrooms. A pod seemed a necesriy, but all hotels arouiid Cordes with pools were booked. Hnally, one hotel owner suggested La Benies as on alternative. For Les Bones had exactly two rooms it has four now, priced at to francs , and two diniiig rooms.

The restau- rant is well known, so if you aren’t string overnight, it’s necessary to book a table. D norOiwest of Gorda. Add nbo iti 40 francs to ail prices for breatfasL Thomas Netter is a jemalist based in Geneva. Eqte- dally Hying. He now. Tboe was none of Ais grnwrttng abont in itne for houR to show yonr passport and tickets. TiLi aA2. No waiting. You dimbed aboard the plane and sdtied down in a ledin- ing lounge chair.

Yon were served a hot meal with real china, glass and linen. Fan Am started the first trans-Padfic Service in And in it flew scheduled sendees between New Yodc and Marseille via Usbon. Then in came the Lodcheed Constdlation.

A very comfortable idane, accendiog to Nfillar. Quality of travd in those days was probably due as much to attitiide of aufines and airport mi- tiKHities as the in-flight amenities. You could do things that are im- tiunkable today. You can pick vp a cab. Brissac had not had time to have tiiem tom domi, and his de- scendeats cut off the extravagant project as soon as he died.

The marquise whose husband, Francois de Brissac. Tdei: A loggia at one end of the room was built for musicians in the oi the Fiist duke. Tl HEYdedded tobeseurihle, as English peers have been, and convert the stately monnment into something of an asset After aO, it did have its rooms, most of them with towering ceilings and lined with 17th-centD- ly tapestries.

Qectridty and central heming were put in in the s and many oi the rooms are ocganhwd like suites, with a batfaroinn and a smaller bedroom origbaDy intend- ed for the valet or tbe maid. People who want to come and stay need onty write or can — they do not need an intro- duction.

Some colmful extras are not in- cluded in the room and board. Tbe marquis, who has t stable for stag hunting, wiO show eff bis hounds. Her latest brainsUttm has led bar to scdicit industria] patron- age to restore parts of the budding, —without success so far.

Tt bdimgs to all of you. Other rooms are being seitditi as means allow. Tel: ‘ Brochures for tbe trip had spoken of Irene. Iiwia iMfTiati her cnnlfing while working as an au pair in Paris. Naturalist pleasures were boundless. At Cape Sl James, the southernmost point of the islands, we watched hnndreds of nesting sea lions, tbe massive males atting really along the rocks surrounded Ity a dozen w more females each.

Farther north, a blaA bear moseyed along a beadi, oblhdoos to the yacht a few hundred yards away. B TTCT-. I mitiTiant on my behetf. LcBi – 5 t? OAective famwe tkiiow a. It takes 90 minutes to two hours, depending on bow fast you paddle, to make it from the starting point at Kfar Blum to the Lehavot Haba- shan Bridge.

For our trip, Ahnog arranged to set in the Hasbant River, a few milgg north from the point where it conve rg es into the Jordan at Kfar Blum. To look at the Jordan today is to that God may still be twad at tte rivers. The rise of the Jordan is in inverse propordon to its historical tqmlalkgt, which dataa tiaplt to a papyrus ffom the 13th century B. We set off in two kayaks, with a stwe of cold drinks lodged into the nose ictf our craft.

One of the nice things about kayaldng at Kfar Bhim is that yon can go dovm river at whatever pace yon jdease. The first rapid we eooounteied was on the Hasbani, about a lO-foot drop to tbe next lewd of the river. But it does have its rapids. In late summer, wdl after the qning rains, the rapids are quite tame. If yon can rw a rbller coaster you can do this. Many of the intrepid kayakers at lUar Blum wonld riioot the rapids, then pull over to the bank.

The Jevdan River valley is m the waifi oKthrsouth migration route for Urds fiiat summer m Europe and winter in Africa. Rostang is no stranger to Lyon or to authentic bistros.

Ros- teng now runs a tiirn-of-the ‘ century bistro next door. Other wine offerings are fimited, bat wisefy choseu. Hoating along, it is hard not to contenqxljAe all the history this river has witnessed. This latter tour, which takes about six tours in the summer, has to be arranged in advance with the kibbutz so that a truck can be sent to pick you up.

The mddng snows from Mount Hermon and the winter rains are the main sources of the Jordan. The restanrant rrises its own trout in ponds hrftind the Utchen. The eating area is set up in the open air under willow and fig trees on a tiny island situated between two gtmamie flowing off the Dan.

The tables are reached diher by crossing two narrow bridges or by tiptoeing on the rocks across the waterway. The res- taurant does not have a phone, to alone take reservaticHis.

Morocco is only 3 hours away. Imagine days of sunshine a year, 2, miles of golden beaches, 3, years of gjorious historical heritage, fabulous hotels, dazzling entertainment and mouth- watering cuisine. An all inclusive holiday in magical Tangier, for example, just a short crossingawayfrom the Costa del Sol, c:osts no more than the European Mediterranean resorts.

Forthe discemingholidaymaker, there are spectacular tours to the fascinating imperied cities of Rabat Fez, Marrakesh and Meknes or the 1, exotic Kasbahs at the edge of the Sahara. Book your Moroc- can simshine holiday now. Its in all the major tour operator’s brochures. TEL: OH 43? D0l IIDOl! PE SB. Solse Prev. Sales 9J49 Prev. Soles m Prey. Sel« ZMl Preu. Dev Open Ini. Saies Prey. Day Open lilt. Seles krav. Sales lOai Prev. I0 Peb Sotas Prev. Sales S Prev.

Sotas Pruv. DayOpen Int. Setat 7. Sales Prev. Dev Open int. Sotas X Prev. The first probe was settled when the Japanese producers agreed to limit their exports through December This compares to a steady 25 percent market share for EC producers. COellr 75 r r 1. Sales 3N Prev. Psr lb. Day Open Ini. MM ,, 41 Prev. Day Open Int. Sales lOlN Prev. SoltO Prev. Day Open int. Satae 2, Prev. SaMa Prcv. Sotae Prev.

SD Feb Sotae 20IIM Prev. Satas 21J3I Prev. Leal to prvmhmi pwilIiubu pricpi. Saaree: AP. Setaa Prev. Sales Prav. Dor Open Int. Satas Prey. Satas Saws J5«. Action Bvl Prw. So s prev. Dev Open Int. Spar mine- ipotal aquolsSMMI.. Mw 75R Prev. Solea Prev. Sales 41N Prev. Satas Prev. Sblaa Prev. Satas pRv. M 19a IfeR 19J6 Sales– ‘ Prev. Satas 1J16 – – Piw.

Satas 7,ia Prev. Futures Com. Dow Jonu : booE : Dec3T, Prvnts sao. ITiaiTia VMume: lets el a tans. Rsc PrulofMletiCapn. Mieumatfe Scale Cp. U The oarnmndal N. If die acgnTwlvM s ncceeded, h wxmld laa ate the lldi largest U. I But now Mr. ItltoXlto Wlfc. For needy two years, lb. Bakerhadnot been away. Sobodan Stanigevic; Riday. Borland fotrodneed a opment,lficiosoft,andAahionf qHoadsheei program named TeteCo.

Kahn seems to be gnm. IhteTs dBase. A dm st i giaiwi at The go wmni e m k fore- Tta gpiy grament np e w ri casdllggCOwlhof1. Sto2per- growing alann ova the ddn-seirio ceiu. AIT iiigialio. Shdanoraaon Fix lira paried fmitmm. Mr l oodai ifa d. EndydidA«anb A. Thera rae 4- 5 bedroom awtea pke staff qdor- ters. Seven ftd end three hdf bothb There b a 22 x 43A had- ed poet and remoriedile pool house. SpoDOMi X bodwaw. Gmnr W. Box IHT 12? Or efa 8rad PVinipfa efa. Ihe Oendge Reririenre.

MC3N1H 25 – 40 nfa. Sangre de Ciisto Ranches Inc. Spectacular land for a homesite and a lifetime of appreciation. Exod- loBfoottEafBc. ChotaeCr Bavey LoL i,. For lefa as a whole or in two Ion. AnfaraBeaa Iwewwee Baraer TMAwfa Vleenw Contaa FnwWurt.

Will Hew lee AiigMeet Tk«6S0 31 Pfar Veata f2l2 »Z Swi riwirafi MIS Mwfae We are offering investmem. Tok OK OB iMMB. IBM Wifi. Aside from hi French subsid- It reduced Its stake to the 7. Isuzu expects sales for the year ending Oct. Itert, coatioDed fay the Haft. Ahifiillah A. Hia Exr. Siakh Abdulaas. M-Thariwi who will contimw m hb capwity as Board Member. Mr HriiB W.

Ahhas K Gokal has resigned as Member d the Board. Mr Rudolf V. Fnv has been elected os Otteetor. Hai»Phter Opfemeb aed Ian L. Td,s 81 22 33 T«Iexri a di. And about new full-page reports are issued every weak, so that each company is the autqea ol a complete report every 13 weeks.

Fosters bcand rose sharply in Tbe results, oi sales up 43 per- – 87 , partiettiariy in the United I cent from a year gaAlnr to States.

MaxwdD tbe British publisher, said Friday owns naOioDordinaiy shares, that he will not bid fa Guinness or percent. Maxwefl, nho had been Equiticorp Hddmgs Ltd. TsIsidwM 34 52 – Tdwc Groap consolidated. Slater Electric sales: U3. Edouard Decoster, Chairman of tite Board, Mr. The Board voted unanimously to appoint Mr. Edouard Deooster Honorarv Chairman as from the same dato.

I 4 Talc t. QQg of microcomputer land great in the past while adding wait-and-see attitude toward the R, software companies. Kahn said chat Borland’s pence S3. WbHWitjw ir- DurTsi. Given the companies’ different cultures, however, many analysts have pronounced the marriage an unlikdy match. Still even most of the skeptics acknowledge that the year-oId Mr. Borland’s products have steadily earned favondile reviews, both for technicid innovation and for prop- er performance wdieo flrst released — which has not always been the case with some larger competitors.

In acquiring Ansa, a more traditional, conservative firm, Borland is trying to attract corporate customers. He owns 1 9. His holdings are captured a dommaat marifat share worth mme than S67 million at from Mkrosoft, Mr. Kahn predict- current maricet prices. One of the reasrais it went public in Britain is that Mr.

Kahn has ties with invest- ment bankers there. After gg ruing a reputation on WaO Street for being aloof, be is now wooing analysts with Mr. D ‘Vi. Analysts of tbe merger point out that one of the most mflnenrial figures in the electronics industry, Bnjamin M. Rosen, seems to be- lieve it can work. Rosen, a venture capitalist, has badted sneh successes as Lotus and Compaq Computer Corp. He has fomia. And Seymour Rn- But Mr.

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Interview for a job and negotiate your salary. State Job Banks – Search your state to locate job openings in your area. Occupational Outlook Handbook – Learn about hundreds of career fields. Find information on educational requirements, growth rates, median pay, and more.

Learn about occupations to help you plan your future for grades K Find tips and information for teens about how to get a job. Get help entering the job market. It has resources to help you:. The program provides training for unemployed seniors with a low income. If you’re an older worker looking for a job, CareerOneStop offers tips that may help. The Resources page has information about :. While some companies want to help you find a job, others are more interested in taking your money.

Learn how to recognize scams and file a complaint:. You are self-employed if you operate a trade, business, or profession either by yourself or with a partner. Are you thinking about basing your business out of your home? The Small Business Administration’s 10 Steps to Start Your Business includes the licenses and permits you need to run a home-based business.

If you use a portion of your home for business, you may be able to take a home office tax deduction. Learn what to watch out for to avoid work-at-home scams. In one common scam, you may be tricked into paying to start your own internet business. These scammers will keep asking you to send money for more services related to this fake business opportunity. Note: The federal government never charges a fee for information about or applications for government jobs. Interstate occupational license recognition options for military spouses.

Learn what it will take to get licensed in your new state when you transfer. It’s for those whose service-connected disability impacts their ability to work.

It can help you find new work, return to your old job, or start a business. It provides help with:. Federal Apprenticeships for Veterans helps service members and veterans find high-skill, good-paying apprenticeships. Senegal Federal Government Jobs. Somalia Federal Government Jobs. Sao Tome Federal Government Jobs. Swaziland Federal Government Jobs. Chad Federal Government Jobs. Togo Federal Government Jobs.

East Timor Federal Government Jobs. Tunisia Federal Government Jobs. Tanzania Federal Government Jobs. Uganda Federal Government Jobs. Mayotte Federal Government Jobs. South Africa Federal Government Jobs. Zambia Federal Government Jobs. Zaire Federal Government Jobs. Zimbabwe Federal Government Jobs. Asia Government Jobs. Bangladesh Federal Government Jobs. Brunei Darussalam Federal Government Jobs. Bhutan Federal Government Jobs. China Federal Government Jobs.

Cyprus Federal Government Jobs. Hong Kong Federal Government Jobs. Indonesia Federal Government Jobs. India Federal Government Jobs. Japan Federal Government Jobs. Kyrgyzstan Federal Government Jobs. Cambodia Federal Government Jobs. North Korea Federal Government Jobs. South Korea Federal Government Jobs. Kuwait Federal Government Jobs. Kazakhstan Federal Government Jobs. Lao Federal Government Jobs.

Sri Lanka Federal Government Jobs. Myanmar Federal Government Jobs. Mongolia Federal Government Jobs. Macau Federal Government Jobs. Malaysia Federal Government Jobs. Nepal Federal Government Jobs. Oman Federal Government Jobs. Philippines Federal Government Jobs. Singapore Federal Government Jobs.

Thailand Federal Government Jobs. Tajikistan Federal Government Jobs. Turkmenistan Federal Government Jobs. Taiwan Federal Government Jobs. Uzbekistan Federal Government Jobs. Vietnam Federal Government Jobs. Australia and New Zealand ect Government Jobs. Australia Federal Government Jobs. Cocos Islands Federal Government Jobs.

Christmas Island Federal Government Jobs. Heard Island Federal Government Jobs. British Territory Federal Government Jobs. Mauritius Federal Government Jobs. Maldives Federal Government Jobs. Reunion Federal Government Jobs.

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