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GovDeals’ online marketplace provides services to government, educational, and related entities for the sale of surplus assets to the public. Auction rules may vary across sellers. Commercial. OPM offers high quality, multi-color sheetfed offset printing and binding of Children’s Softcover Books. It produces 8 3/8″ x 10 7/8″ one color UV Coloring Books and Healthcare Provider Directories. Pre-Press. Offset Paperback offers state-of-the-art prepress services for all printed materials – old and new. GovDeals | followers on LinkedIn. Online Government Surplus Auctions | GovDeals is the place to bid on government surplus and unclaimed property including heavy equipment, cars, trucks, buses.


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Our team? Or our boss? Of course, we do! To solve this, Jon will prove peak performance is simpler than you think; That you can perform at your best when the spotlight suddenly shines on you to create a true SHOWTIME moment to be remembered. Contact Hours: 2. Presentation will review how Design-Build differs from other project delivery methods Design-Bid-Build , Construction Management at Risk, Multi-prime reviewing delivery method structures, procurement characteristics, and contract administration implications for successful project delivery.

Discussion will also delve into how risk factor impacts differ when using design-build in a vertical building versus a horizontal transportation environment. Discussion will present how organizations need to be process adaptive and flexible to manage design-build contracts for best results. The cooperative world is changing – do you know the latest that is out there? During this informative session, discover how many of your pinch points can be solved by fully using what is offered through cooperative contracting.

While many use cooperative contracts for commodities, there’s a whole expanding world of contracts that your team should be familiar with. Construction, repairs, financing, leasing, consulting services – you might be surprised what you can buy.

Tammy Rimes will lead a fun trivia game at the end to cement the learning with “Let’s Just Cooperate” t-shirts given away. Discover more from other agency success stories and panelist insights. Embrace the future; create solutions, lead your communities into a better and more resilient future.

The problems we face are significant and ever evolving, market changes, climate change, poverty, the need for education, the desire to protect the vulnerable among us, lack of opportunity, and the list goes on. Current solutions sometimes have limited success, sometimes fail, sometimes, but rarely succeed and change the lives and fortunes of those around us.

This session will focus on how procurement processes can find and develop new solutions, prove them in the real world and then contract to make them a lasting reality. We will explore the start-up in residence program as a procurement process and a way to redefine our approach to and impact on the future of our communities. This session is informative for those who are interested in different career paths in procurement.

Every public agency has sustainability initiatives that may include carbon neutrality, reduced waste, reuse and recycling programs, fleet electrification or a host of many other defined goals. This session will describe and quantify just how much different types of technology solutions can bring you closer to your surpassing your benchmarks. With great power comes great responsibility…and no one knows this better than procurement teams.

To overcome these challenges and meet the needs of their constituents, procurement teams are embracing a new secret weapon—procurement technology. In this case study session, our industry experts will share their experience with leading the digital transformation efforts at their respective agencies, and how technology has enabled better collaboration, client service, and ultimately, greater impact on the constituents they serve.

Through this educational track attendees will see and learn the elements of working with an electronic bidding application creating solicitations, managing supplier outreach options, monitoring response activity, viewing tabulation and evaluation reports, and making award decisions. As an early adopter of electronic bidding, the presenter will show live examples of the types of solicitations currently being conducted by peer agencies online including Quotations, Sealed Bids, Request for Proposals, and Construction Bids.

The same research finds that public organizations should consider JOC when executing routine repairs, renovations or less complex construction projects. Organizations must understand these options to ensure they’ select the right JOC contract for them, based on their needs and procurement guidelines. This presentation will cover the differences between implementing your own JOC program and piggybacking off a cooperative contract or inter-local agreement, and tips for deciding which option is best for your organization.

We’ll also talk about nuances that could impact your decision, and you’ll hear how your peers have implemented successful JOC programs through each type of contract. The success of capital improvement and capital expense projects lies with choosing the appropriate project delivery method, and entities can and must migrate from the standard approach to projects, especially construction.

To successfully implement any project requires project deliver methods to be updated, along with a clear process and a strong functional team biased toward achieving results. Information on the construction industry, funding mechanisms, and processes available to assist governments are shared in this seminar. Participate in this session to learn how a strong finance and procurement relationship can lead to success within your organization.

We will share examples of what helps build a successful relationship as well as things which may hinder the relationship. When working in tandem, these two areas can help ensure the success of the organization’s financial operations.

Come be a part of the Jury for a Live Courtroom Drama! Our cast of characters will present a dramatization of a real-life procurement case that made it to the courtroom, let you decide who best presented their “case”, and provide the actual outcome and its relationship to what we do every day.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! You may have been already asked to consider including Diversity and Community Impact in your procurement activities, however if not yet, expect that this request will be coming shortly. Are your colleagues looking to you for solutions to help facilitate a hybrid workforce, ensure workplace health, and identify resources that address staffing challenges?

Add period of performance requirements, such as with ARPA funding, and a whole new layer of procurement challenges have to be managed. Sedgwick County, Kansas, faced this exact scenario.

Join us as we use this case study to discuss the need for innovative procurement strategies to achieve successful outcomes for resilient communities using COVID federal funding sources. Cooperative purchasing and piggybacking allows public agencies to share contracts to deliver better, faster public services to the public.

Join CoProcure as we connect with leaders pushing the boundaries of procurement collaboration in the digital age. CobbleStone Software has helped thousands of contracting professionals for over 20 years. Our user-friendly, scalable, low-friction, and feature-rich contract management solution is the preferred CLM solution for public procurement professionals and is available on the GSA Schedule 70 and numerous other cooperative purchasing options.

With compressing budgets, increasing demands and limited staff, you are under intense pressure to discover efficiencies and put them into practice. How do you cut or contain costs, without sacrificing quality?

How do you ensure you are getting competitive pricing and purchasing at market price? In this session you will learn about a successful private sector practice that is now used in the public sector.

We will discuss format options, your supplier relationships, and FAQs of buyers and suppliers. Finally, you will view a Reverse Auction demo and see how this process creates competition, transparency, quickly negotiates pricing and finds true market value. As procurement organizations race to adopt new tech, new processes, and new legislation it is critical that we learn how to prepare our organizations for change, and develop a skill set that will allow us to surf the waves of innovation instead of drowning in them.

Join Ben Koberna as he walks us through a fun and interactive program designed to develop the leadership skills necessary to navigate our procurement modernization journey. Join us to discuss the foundations of cooperative procurement. This is a great session for a new Procurement Specialist or Contract Administrator as it covers the basics of cooperative procurement.

There are no prerequisites needed to attend. As more and more of our agencies are directed to include social equity and sustainability in our procurements, It is critical that we execute those requirements consistent with the core values of Accountability, ethics, impartiality, professionalism, service and transparency.

Procurement officers often feel challenged about how to offer vendors with certain characteristics preferences while still preserving competition and this session will explore how social equity labor, MWBE, DBE requirements and sustainability requirements are not only not in conflict with our core values bust essential to them. Can you use a performance bond for something other than construction? How can a public agency using the low-bid system in awarding public works contracts be sure that the lowest bidder is dependable?

How can private sector construction project owners manage the risk of contractor failure? Most public agencies and construction contractors are familiar with the process of obtaining surety bonds, but they may not be aware of the legal relationships that bonds establish. Bonds confirm the relationships among the principal the contractor , the obligee usually the owner and the surety. This session will answer these questions and more. Participants will get a brief overview of bonding and insurance, see an outline for timing, and be able to identify when to use a particular type of bond.

Training session is targeted to beginning procurement professionals. Learn how to better leverage strategic partnerships with vendors to help mitigate continued supply chain challenges and inflationary pressures. Come and see how the new electronic procurement office can achieve. Check our process to see how contract management is vital to the success of the organization. Explore what methods have been used to solve procurement challenges. Data can be overwhelming; however, analytics help tell a story, create dialogue, save time, and increase productivity.

Leveraging data is critical to make smarter decisions for our organizations. Having the right information helps to increase awareness and transparency of spend. Additionally, it creates opportunities to increase efficiencies, reduce rogue spend, and centralize procurement.

This session shares ways that your procurement team can leverage data to help your organization. One of the high priority initiatives of many public entities is sustainability. Though it is not a new concept, there is an ever-increasing focus on public entities to ensure they are doing their part to make a difference in this area. Most procurement organizations have a generalized statement of policy or procedure that goes into our solicitations, but where do we go from there?

Is there more we can do? The answer is “yes”, there is. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Like it or not, information technology products and services are making up more and more of our entities’ spend each year. For the uninitiated, IT-related procurement can seem daunting and overwhelming. But what if I told you there was a tool that can assist you through every step of the procurement cycle – from acquisition planning and market research through specification development, evaluation, demostration, negotiation, and contract administration?

That tool is the Functionality Matrix, and in this session you will learn what the Matrix is, how to create one, and how it will help make your IT-related procurements more efficient and effective. Every procurement incurs risk. Procurement Officers are uniquely positioned to help their entities make strategic decisions about how to manage them.

In this interactive session, participants are expected to create their own risky situation and be consider the pros and cons of their decisions with colleagues as we discuss the best way to manage risk for routine procurements.

Many procurement folks feel that once they’ve prepared the solicitation, sent it to the vendors, opened and evaluated the responses and posted the award, their work is done. However, looking at the breadth of the contract management cycle tells us that this is likely to be the least amount of time that will be invested in the contract for they are often put in place for terms of a year or more.

That makes it imperative to understand what is necessary for good contract administration and that information needs to be conveyed to the using departments who deal with the contractor everyday. This session will cover the basics of proper contract administration, while keeping in mind what is to be accomplished with the solicitation.

There will also be two hands-on exercises in which participants will practice creating a Contract Administration Plan and a Performance Assessment Plan.

Your procurement processes likely take longer than desired, but it can be difficult to pinpoint which steps most contribute to lengthy cycle times. Join the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab to learn how to map the procurement process as a first step to improving the process for internal customers and suppliers alike. From this session, you will be equipped with techniques and tools for running your own process mapping activity.

Are you plagued with the “grey areas” of Contract Cancellation and Performance Management? Well, plague no more! This interactive workshop will eliminate those grey areas, garner confidence in the contract cancellation process, explore effective performance management tools while exploring the appropriate use of transparent clauses to add your RFPs and contracts! Many individuals new to the public procurement world often have questions but no forum to ask. Using a real life example, as a group participants will identify risks, develop a risk mitigation strategy and create a contract administration plan Identify types of risks that can occur for any contract.

Bring the fun and dress the part in your favorite dancing dress or bring a fedora to fit into the ‘s! Join us Monday, August 22 for this special event. Buses will begin departing at PM from each hotel and will return from the venue as needed. NIGP has collated procurement innovators and visionaries to share their big ideas and the impact they have or have had on the procurement field.

These speakers will lead a dynamic, 15 minute Ted-talk style presentation about their big idea in procurement. Listen to how their innovative thinking was taken from an idea to improving and shaping the profession. Participants in this session will discuss mistakes learned by professionals, who are better at what they do because they experiences lapses in judgement in their past procurement lives.

Procurement professionals invest so much time energy and capital into developing solicitations and contracts, that little time is left to invest in one of the most important aspects of meeting the needs of our buying customers; vendor management. In this session we will discuss ways that allow you to leverage tools that simplify the effort, and provide critical data about how well vendors on your contracts are performing for your buying customers, and your organization.

Just think about how fast and easy it is for you to make a decision about a restaurant or a destination on Yelp or Trip Advisor. These are the types of approaches and opportunities that we look forward to sharing with you during our time together.

Procurement Officers are currently in the middle of what is a complicated time of market volatility across many commodities. This volatility has greatly impacted our construction projects by creating impediments to meeting our goals.

Particularly, our budgets. This session seeks to explore innovative ways to address related challenges. What are some of the impacts or consequences of our traditional ways of handling price escalation? How do we address escalation needs for procurements awarded prior to market volatility? How do we write requirements in a way that allows us to address price escalation needs in the future?

How do we balance the needs of the entity while preserving the integrity of our procurement processes and protecting valid concerns of our supplier communities? Amazon Business is the purchasing solution trusted by governments and public sector agencies of all sizes. Let us help you serve your citizens with tools built for the unique needs of government organizations.

In this session, learn how you can enable strategic buying and modernize legacy processes with digital procurement solutions to help optimize costs, simplify processes, and facilitate compliance. Learn more about supporting responsible purchasing goals with tools to guide buyers towards local and certified diverse sellers, and products with sustainability certifications. Joining this session is Annie Perez, Chief Procurement Officer of the City of Miami, who will share how City of Miami is enabling city purchasers to buy local — a key initiative to help open the door for more small businesses sell to the government.

We will provide some tips and also conduct mock debriefs. Hear directly from SMBs, including minority- and female-owned businesses, the challenges and benefits of working with governments. Come learn with us as we chart a new way forward together.

While often in separate departments, procurement and finance need to work as one to serve the needs of the organization. In this session, speakers will explore the connections between finance and procurement and show how a better more collaborative relationship between procurement and finance can lead to improved outcomes in budgeting, long-term planning, cash flow analysis, debt management, accounting, contract management and more.

Attendees will explore not only what makes for better integration, but how you can get started building more effective relationships with your peers from the finance office. What if you could achieve the best of both worlds? Ever wondered how cooperative agencies and cooperative contracts work? Attend this session and learn how to analyze and develop a cooperative procurement program within your organization.

We will cover the importance of compliance with local regulations and how to apply cooperative purchasing as an effective tool in your procurement function. Small, Woman and Minority — owned business enterprises, Service-Disabled Veteran owned business enterprises— how does your organization support these businesses? Learn what and how the City of Virginia Beach has created programs, facilitated conversations and increased participation in City Contracts.

We will explore disparity studies, procurement initiatives, educational programs, expos and more. Come and explore the impact of 2 cfr to your procurement processes. Understand how Federal funds require special attention to meet compliance requirement and explore ways to make sure that internal controls and processes meet the federal requirements. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others and increase your organizational success.

If you’re a manager, see your team respond with new enthusiasm when you adopt these techniques. Procurement departments are positioned to ensure enterprise system purchases meets their needs simply by taking the lead on the sourcing of such systems.

Procurement’s organizational knowledge of departments strategically aligns procurement to be the friend in technology purchases and not the foe.

Technology has changed supply chain systems in private industry, government, and a myriad of small businesses. All entities must drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies, keep pace with the technology of the business world, and make technology sourcing decisions holistically.

Cook County has launched a series of improvement initiatives to make procurement more efficient and effective. Topics to be covered include:. Today’s high costs of procurement demand that State, Local Government, and Education practitioners change to a more efficient process that reduces total costs and creates value.

Graybar can assist in mapping your existing processess, then analyze the work functions and recommend changes and improvemets to those processes. Through a full suite of vendor managed services we keep departments working and your projects on time and on budget. This panel of industry peer experts will share tips, “tricks,” and strategies for getting the most out of using cooperative purchasing contracts.

You’ll hear real examples of successful uses of cooperative contracts in the most unlikely AKA a global pandemic, supply chain problems, etc situations. Want to hear how your peers are navigating the thousands of available cooperative contacts available?

Each panelist will provide real examples from their agencies that will lead attendees to a more effective process to return home to their agencies. No problem! Attendees are encouraged to prepare questions to bring to this session for the panelists and interact with their own examples throughout.

Join us! The ultimate responsibility of every employer — public or private — is the safety and health of its employees. Participants will learn of recent OHSA regulations enhancements and their impact on public agencies. As we have seen over the past several months, pricing and availability have been unpredictable in certain industries.

As we all work to be more inclusive, knowing each of our team members and how they operate is key to effective leadership. Come experience fun, informative personal assessments that help you better understand yourself and others, that you can then take back to the office and use with your employees for awareness and making necessary adjustments for individual satisfaction and team success.

Join us as we explore principles of organic leadership and discuss how to effectively recognize those qualities within your team. This will be an introspective experience where we examine leadership traits, challenges and opportunities. Hack your leadership with a personalized strategic plan!

We will introduce relevant tools to promote the establishment of a performance management based organizational culture that involves coaching and conscious attempts at continuous dialogue within work teams to achieve breakthrough improvements in manager-employee relationships and on-the-job results.

Five lessons learned from the mass shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Complex will be shared. These are actions and mindsets that will help you everyday in your career and life. In addition, to make the best use of these lessons, get ready to be involved, as we issue a call to action for an exciting new endeavor of procurement community support and kindness.

Disclaimer: This session will include media and discussion around the topic of workplace violence. Please be aware that this content may be difficult. I encourage you to consider your well-being before choosing to attend. We spend more money on construction than anything else. Do you really understand the different ways to buy construction? Do you want a diagnostic that can guide you and your clients in selection a construction delivery method?

We will also work through a process for the development of your own diagnostic tool to support project based decision-making. The electrification deadline is around the corner — where are you on the road to electrification? The public sector needs to plan and start the groundwork now, not tomorrow. Attendees will leave with a template to be customized for their organization. Where you spend your money is an indication of where you set your priorities. The Disparity Study is an equity tool for setting spending priorities within the public sector.

Share in on a collaborative effort between Procurement and the Small Minority and Business Resource team in executing a contract to complete a Disparity Study for the City of Austin.

For thousands of years boatwrights have plied their trade to transform roughhewn materials into elegant, efficient and seaworthy craft. They have developed principles of design and construction that have withstood the challenges of time. We will apply the principles of these masters, combined with over 30 years of successful procurement leadership, to the challenges of you face every day.

Come and explore the tools and techniques of the boatwrights shop and learn how these approaches and principles can be applied to the creation and formation of effective teams, helping individuals realize their full potential and shaping a brighter and more resilient future for the communities we serve. But JOC is not a one-size-fits-all solution — procurement offices must strategically apply their available procurement methods to their project list.

Where does Job Order Contracting fit? Join this session to discover when it is most advantageous to use Job Order Contracting to purchase construction services and how your peers are deploying JOC to overcome common obstacles to efficient construction procurement.

Procurement expertise includes performance of specialized skills, knowledge, and competencies. Over many years public procurement has transformed from a very traditional process to a transformational process. The transformation process can introduce more gray area which requires more decision making by the public procurement professional. This session will explore professional judgment as it applies to public procurement. The attendee will explore with the presenters what is professional judgment, why is it so important now, and when is it needed.

As well as examples and discussion with the group. Are you a leader? Do you let your job title determine that answer for you? Do you realize that you have the potential to LEAD from anywhere in the entity? Whether you are a brand new contracting officer, a seasoned procurement manager or the Chief Procurement Officer for your entity, you should be LEADing from wherever you are.

Procurement operations do not have the luxury of relying upon a chosen few to lead the operation and move the entity forward So how do you lead? What can you do from exactly where you are in the entity today and contribute to making to the entity’s success? This session will discuss the roles and responsibilities of many different positions in an entity and how each of those roles are critical to the success of the entity.

Results Driven Contracting aims to transform the procurement process. We will discuss how to build a results-driven RFP to get the outcomes you want and how to automate that data collection to track your outcomes. This session will teach Procurement managers how to think about their relationships with managers bosses and leadership, and will focus on communicating to leadership in ways that meet their needs as well as the needs of your teams and specific procurements or stakeholders.

Skill will include understanding leaderships goals, anticipating their needs, setting expectations and then exceeding them. Situations, problems and opportunities confront us on a daily basis. How we handle them and move on is fundamental to long-term success in any endeavor. We each have our own experiences and points of view from which we make assumptions.

To that we add facts, opinions and observations to try and arrive at a course of action. This requires the skill set of critical thinking, which examines assumptions, evaluates evidence and assesses conclusions.

This workshop will examine many of the facets of critical thinking and provide some useful tools for its proper application. There will be two exercises in small groups. One involves the use of a concept map for problem solving and the other involves a brainstorming session. The ability to connect with others is a determining factor in reaching your potential. Learn simple practices that you can apply in your professional and personal life to connect with others. Participate in a fun and impactful game that will challenge you to become a better communicator.

The acquisition of technology has become a major procurement initiative. This informative session will assist the procurement professional in constructing evaluation criteria for as-a-Service.

Participants will work collaboratively with facilitators to review as-a-Service solicitations and develop relevant, measurable evaluation criterion. Get Ready to Laugh…and Learn! Join us as Crystal Washington helps us identify the significant ways in which technology is changing human beings. Where does your passion lie? What is important to you and, possibly, your family. Join your peers and friends to discuss the value of contributing to your community regardless of whether you define that community as local, global, professional, or any combination thereof.

Join some colleagues who volunteer, both with NIGP and other organizations, to discuss what convinced them to volunteer, why they do it, and what benefits they have experienced.

As many new individuals are entering the public procurement profession, it is important to provide them with the skills to succeed in the profession and in life. Mentorship is often the professional bridge between being a novice and becoming a leader. This critical conversation focuses on the power and impact that mentoring has on the public procurement profession, and this discussion will include current thought leaders in the area of mentorship, as well as highlight how the NIGP Mentorship Program will help you and your organization move to the next level as leaders in the profession.

Join us as we have a frank discussion about the value of mentorship for public procurement. This session focuses on Purchasing Manuals and Policies and the relevancy in your organization. Just a quick thought, when was the last time you actually did a comprehensive review and update of your existing documents? We will review how COVID and subsequential emerging technologies has impacted how procurements are created, collaborated, and completed.

This session focuses on Workforce development and consistent emerging technology changes and challenges, along with the impact of remote work has challenged the seasoned procurement professional. We will review what we can do to adapt, and what changes we may will? Software has undergone massive transformation in the last decade with an absolute profusion of purpose-built, user-centric options.

Now, as public sector customers begin adopting software marketplaces, software procurement is at the precipice of a similar quantum jump. Please join this session to hear a customer discussion about how cloud and software marketplaces are transforming IT procurement.

This presentation will provide information about the compensation of public procurement professionals over the last 22 years. Anaheim reminded us of the incredible success Disney has created at the “Happiest place on earth. Come learn about the secret success formula and brainstorm together on changes we can make in our businesses to improve our customer and employee experiences. The fundamental principle of a competitive solicitation is that it represents a fair, objective, merit based process and all bidders have the same opportunity to compete and win.

If the procurement is impacted by bias — whether it is conscious or unconscious bias — then this fundamental principle is no longer held true. This can result in missed opportunities and contribute to business community distrust, especially when it comes to small and diverse businesses seeking to do business with your organization.

In this session, we will share the tools used by our state agency to assist team members with structuring and conducting evaluations in a way that minimizes the risks of bias. Come join our panel as we discuss the intricacies of the RFP process. This session will mimic the entire process from issuance of the solicitation through to negotiation of contract with the intended awardee.

The negotiation portion will be a real-life demonstration of how to handle this part of the process. Be a part of the action by asking questions, offering comments, and making alternative suggestions! Procurement officials are often focused on compliance-based functions, and ensuring minimum standards are met during the procurement process.

Procurement Officials do not often consider vendor engagement until there is problem with not receiving enough responses to a solicitation.

It can be very difficult to see the perspective of a vendor since procurement officials have insider knowledge and only see one side of the process. Taking innovative approaches at vendor engagement can lead to greater competition for government procurement methods.

The innovative approach of Town Hall — takes an established political strategy and revolutionizes it to a modern forum to collect input, suggestions, and ideas to improve government processes, procedures, and communication methods. We hear this a lot: “We moved from paper to electronic procurement, but we didn’t gain the efficiency we had hoped to achieve”. The move from paper to PDF documents solved the “physical paper” issue, but many agencies have discovered that a virtual mound of PDF-based solicitations and scanned documents as responses isn’t much better, and in most cases, creates additional operational drag.

By connecting the talent that exists within your government together, streamlining the necessary regulations and processes into guided workflows, and eliminating word processors and spreadsheets as your primary productivity tools – you can make streamlined strategic procurement a part of the core culture for your agency going forward. Reaching Suppliers in Underserved Markets. As we seek to expand our pool of suppliers, we often have a difficult time identifying suppliers that are located in our underserved communities.

This session will introduce attendees to tools that will assist in identifying and reaching those hard-to-find vendors. This session will also present an overview of the various small business certifications used by the federal government and how they can assist local procurement officials in meeting their goals.

Small businesses are a vital part of the federal, state and local economy. This session will discuss the Small Business Administration’s analysis on the current state of small businesses; highlight feedback from multiple small business owners and supporters; and, share suggestions on how your agency can better engage the small businesses in your community.

We all serve in different roles over the life of our careers. Some will rise to the top levels of leadership, some will be strong informal leaders and many will work diligently in various roles supporting their customers and their entity in front line positions. No matter where you sit in an organization, you have the ability to help transform your procurement function.

Transformation is a word that is tossed around alot, but do you really understand what it means to transform service function in government? This session will share the case study of Orange County Procurement, and their partners at NIGP Consulting, as they embarked on their own journey of procurement transformation.

Hear about how focusing on your greatest asset, your human capital, can redefine your entire organization. This fun and interactive session will highlight the pitfalls and challenges faced by procurement professionals when, inevitably, a politician any non-procurement individual tries to influence the selection and awarding process. This session will focus on what was done, how procurement can preserve the process, and what to do if when an elected official decides the outcome of a solicitation.

Maintaining the integrity, credibility, and effectiveness of the process will be discussed. Hear from us about the importance of the pivoting leadership and mangement to recruit and retain top talent, but now it is time to dive deeper into this cycle and how you can navigate the chaning landscape of procurement employment. How did we get to where we are in government procurement? People often think that procurement is simply process with no context, so let’s explore some of the more interesting procurement events that got us to where we are today.

The intent of this workshop is to introduce the participants to the importance of case law and court cases which have had an impact upon the decisions made by procurement professionals. We will look at cases from other jurisdictions including US Supreme Court decisions, so that participants can see how others interpret laws and regulations impacting procurement.

The presenter will introduce pertinent facts of a particular case, and then asks questions to drive the participants toward what they believe was the court decision in the case. Rarely will all participants agree, which allows for a spirited discussion amongst the participants and the presenter. Going through the solicitation process for the first time can be a bit of a daunting task—every entity does it differently and knowing where to start can be a challenge.

When should you use the Invitation for Bid process? What is the difference between specifications and scope of work? How do we know we haven’t missed anything? Explore the basics of the IFB process and specification writing, consider how checklists can be a great guide to get you through your process, and discuss other tips to help make your IFBs a success in this discussion-focused, lecture-style session.

We as procurement professionals have spent years crafting our skills to get the right price. We’ve got that strategy down, so, what else is out there? Our entity’s data is becoming more and more valuable, yet we are moving away from on-premises software solutions and opting to entrust the safeguarding of our most valuable asset to contractors and third-parties.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, and making headlines daily. How do we determine whether our data will be safe, and what steps can we take to address the consequences of a cyber attack on our data? This session will discuss two aspects of cybersecurity: 1. Assessing whether a potential Contractor meets our security standards. We will discuss different methods of assessment, including questionnaires, surveys, and using third-party solutions.

Cyberliability insurance. We will examine what it is, the current state of the market, and how to determine when we need it and how much we need. Join us for an exciting “Ride-A-Long” as we show you how Procurement became an integral part of the transition team that launched a Police Department. How important flexibility in your procurement rules are and ways you can modify them to meet challenging and difficult times. This session is an exploration of the approaches professional public agencies use to evaluate RFPs.

We will discuss scoring, non-scoring, and hybrid methods along with specific approaches used for technical and price scoring and review examples where many of these methods are used. The intent is to bring awareness to the different methods, help us understand how our own approaches fit within the range of options, and explore where we might best use certain approaches. These reasons can vary from an overburdensome procurement process, to discrimination, to access to capital.

Whether you are a procurement practitioner or executive, you are leading. Confidence greatly impacts the outcome of effectively leading and ultimately reaching desired levels of success. It can also define and guide individual and team performance, decision making, problem resolution, process application, vendor and customer relationship, professional development, and more.

Leading with Confidence is an interactive workshop which explores strategic concepts relative to transitioning from individual confidence to shared confidence for procurement professionals and its relationship to effective leadership.

Attendees will gain a new perspective on how their confidence impacts their success as a procurement professional and realistic tools and resources to help develop, execute, and manage effective confidence. The Vehicle Marketplace is a one-stop, online eProcurement platform created by New York State for State and local governments to purchase vehicles in classes 1 — 8. This presentation will give an overview of the innovative use of technology that led to streamlined work processes and improved services for users Statewide.

Those attending will learn about the history and features of the Vehicle Marketplace which include faster purchases, more competitive pricing, additional purchasing options for buyers, and simplified business procedures. Fast-track your understanding of the Top 12 List of Best Practices in job order contracting from the industry’s designated non-profit resource center and credentialing body of experts.

You’ll get “the list” and learn what makes a great program. Do you have questions about job order contracting? It’s your chance to ask the experts from the Center for JOC Excellence so attend the session, learn, collaborate, and succeed!

Our brains believe the stories we tell them. Without conscious effort, they are negativity seeking missiles, but we have the power to change that. Science demonstrates that more positive people enjoy better relationships, higher quality of life, improved health and longevity, and they far outperform less optimistic peers at work with increased sales, promotions, and engagement.

Optimism is a lucrative investment for every organization. Rewire your brain to optimize the power of positivity! Jon Petz is a two-time, best-sellers list author, motivational keynote speaker on performance and the power of human connections. He brings this passion and energy for performance, purpose and impact to events of all types, as well as to those he professionally coaches to strengthen their performance mindset and success in life, business and careers.

As a remarkable addition – Jon is a professional magician and has performed around the globe for audiences of all types. This one-of-a-kind combination brings relevancy, experience and understanding to the real-world challenges and opportunities we face in our professional pursuits.

It also produces a masterful storytelling, engagement and entertainment factor that is uniquely and unequivocally the Jon Petz Experience. His second book, Boring Meetings Suck, was named by Inc. Magazine as a top ten and must-read business book. Brad J. Cummings not only oversees the contract award process, but also ensures all contracts and purchases are conducted and administered in accordance with DART’s procurement regulations and in compliance with all applicable statutes.

She also formally served as Purchasing Agent for the City of San Diego, the 9th largest city in the nation and Emergency Logistics Chief during the Witch Creek Fires that raged for 17 days and destroyed over homes. Under her leadership, the City consolidated its warehouse operations, centralized all purchasing and contracting operations, and moved to a more customer focused approach. With past sales and marking experience in the airline, retail, electrical utilities, and wine industry, she has the unique perspective of working in three different worlds — corporate, government and entrepreneurial.

He is a native Houstonian and studied at the University of Houston. Pedler is responsible for the sales and operations within the East Region which is comprised of over 20 states. She supports a talented Regional Management team to develop and maintain relationships with key participating public agencies within the municipal, K, and non-profit markets.

As COO of Disaster Recovery Services, Kim has over 20 years of experience helping public entities prepare for and recover from complex disaster events. With funding claw backs often tied to procurement, Kim has a keen interest in educating and supporting public procurement professionals in the area of disaster recovery as it relates to federal grant programs. His primary responsibility is communicating with and supporting the procurement needs of the over , Sourcewell Members throughout the country.

Duff volunteers as the Educational Working Group Chair for NCPP and helps create educational tools to assist procurement as they consider and utilize Cooperative agreements.

Michael Bevis is an internationally recognized thought leader in the public procurement profession. Coss and Associates, LLC, and continues to add value to the profession. As a former Chief Procurement Officer, Lourdes invested most of her year career successfully leading procurement transformations at some of the largest agencies in the U.

Most of the policies implemented have survived the test of time and remain in place today. Website: www. She has been blessed to have experienced a variety of procurement offices which has led to a better understanding of how to manage a procurement department. Coghill has a passion for giving back to the profession through various means.

Coghill supports her City as a one-woman show through various technology platforms. For more than a decade John has been working with Procurement leaders just like yourself to discuss how the utilization of technology in the surplus process plays a pivotal part in an agency’s initiatives of compliance, transparency and sustainability.

He continues to lead his customers to first consider the three Rs Reuse, Recycling and Reallocation before taking assets to the landfill and believes that what is best for government agencies is to do it’s best to be a huge part in the circular economy. Darin L. He has thirty years of procurement management experience in state and local government, higher education, and private industry.

Brian Smith is the Purchasing Manager for Multnomah County, Oregon where he is responsible for the purchasing policies and practices of the County. He has been in public purchasing for more than 35 years and began working this year as a consultant with NIGP Consulting.

Whether engaging with internal clients or collaborating with other public agencies, he doggedly pursues innovation in the public sphere and creates greater value for taxpayers. Jennifer leads CompareCoOps as its Chief Procurement Ally, making cooperative purchasing easier to use and more transparent for public agencies across the country.

With over 10 years of experience working as an advocate and resource for public agencies and suppliers alike, she is well known and widely respected in the world of public procurement cooperative contracting. During her time at ProcureSource, Jennifer brought the first of its kind cooperative purchasing directory to our industry.

Before that, Jennifer’s consultative efforts with U. Communities brought efficiencies, including a strong focus on buying environmentally conscientious products via contracts to public sector purchasing and better communication between suppliers and buyers.

Her expertise in public procurement cooperative contracting led to millions of dollars of savings for public agencies nationwide. Jennifer also led the central division for furniture giant, Knoll, driving growth and strategy.

Jennifer grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa. Yep twice a day every day. Althea Pemsel is Assistant Overseer of Procurement Department for the City of Coconut Creek and worked in director and managerial roles in procurement and previously ran the procurement construction division for the City of Fort Lauderdale as the Assistant Chief Procurement Officer with millions of dollars in capital improvement and various Projects. In Ms. Pemsel worked for the City of Orlando for almost a decade.

Althea has been instrumental in advancing public procurement and the supply chain professional to be regarded as high performing, lean, and strategic alliance focused departments.

As an international speaker, her most recent presentation on the topic of Intergenerational Workforce was given in Hangzhou, China. Her career began in Germany in the late 80s and she has worked in public, private, and non-profit organizations instituting cost containment measures, lean operations, and process improvements.

At the Cannes Film Festival in France, she served as an Intern for the film industry gaining additional negotiation tactics and skills in entertainment contract law, supply chain, and movie and film distribution sales and contracts.

Although her educational background is a combination of business leadership, theology, and psychology, her doctorate studies focused on philosophy.

She has enjoyed the opportunities offered by the procurement profession and instructing individuals new to the profession. All leading to over 10 years in public procurement. Lynda Allair currently serves the NIGP membership as an instructor and on many task forces, committees, and course development groups. She often provides input on International Procurement content. As of July 1, Mr.

In other words, he buys stuff. Dawson has purchased hardware and software solutions, ranging from electronic poll books for the presidential elections to grants management systems, as well as software maintenance and application development services.

Originally from Australia, Mr. Dawson worked for both Federal and State Governments in Australia and England before moving to South Carolina 15 years ago and discovering his true calling as a procurement professional. And no, he does not know Chris Hemsworth. Victor Leamer has 35 years of public procurement experience at the county, state department, and state-wide levels.

Barbara R. She serves the Institute members on many committees, task forces, and as a frequent Forum speaker and moderator. As Business Development and Marketing Coordinator of Disaster Recovery Services, Shelley focuses on public entity risk management and procurement strategies in the facilitation of complex disaster recovery projects. Shelley spent thirteen years as the procurement and contracting officer for a large public entity and continues her work in this space as a federal procurement subject matter expert for DRS.

Joe has over 14 years experience in public procurement and 31 years experience in private sector procurement. Joe holds several certifications in supply chain management issued by the Institute for Supply Management. The C. She was also an early employee at Coursera, a venture-backed education technology startup. She is excited to be combining her experience in public service and the technology startup world through CoProcure. Denise K. Denise has over twenty-five years of professional procurement experience in both the public and private sector.

Denise spent most of her public procurement career serving higher education at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky before moving to the gulf shores of Florida in where she leads the Procurement team at the City of Fort Myers. She has vast experience in many areas of public procurement with a specialty in Policy and Procedures, procurement cards and Denise has been actively involved in both local and national public procurement associations having served on regional and national boards.

Denise is a strong proponent of the profession, continuing education and certification and is always happy to play it forward by sharing her knowledge and experience with others. In the private sector, he managed his own consulting firm for nearly 10 years. In addition, Mr. He has a B. Louis, MO. In January, , Mr. Drew is responsible for the Region 4 series of cooperative contracts and provides guidance to the Office Depot sales teams in the areas of local, state, and education.

Based in Saratoga Springs, NY Drew has over 20 years of experience in the indirect space including office supplies, furniture, technology, facilities, and MRO. Drew has held severalleadership positions over his 25 year career and has been involved with public sector for over 10 years. Additional focus on serving internal resources for state, local government, and education customers.

Since , Krystal has focused exclusively on our public sector business and has been a leader in managing strategic partnerships with State and Local Governments, K and Higher Education.

Kendra Jackson is the Director of Purchasing. Kendra has served in the Purchasing Division since Before being named the Director, she served in many roles, including the Assistant Director. Jackson is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Purchasing Division. Edna E. Johnson has served HCDE since July and is responsible for conducting numerous procurement activities which include contract mananagement. She previously worked for 8. Line has a B. Schwartz has been a public procurement practicioner since January , and has been serving as the Sourcewell CPO since Theresa Webb, M.

In her leadership roles Ms. Webb oversaw the procurement of goods, services, technology, construction, concessions and capital improvement.

She has Bachelor and Masters degrees in Business. Since retiring Ms. In , he retired from the City of Fort Lauderdale after 18 years of service in warehousing and procurement. Wolf Distinguished Service Award in In , he was presented with his second George H. Lars Benson is a Project Leader for the Government Performance Lab’s Procurement Excellence Cohort, where he works with US, Canadian, and Latin American cities to streamline procurement systems, develop new tools, trainings and resources, and build staff capacity.

With CT OPM, he reformed social service procurement processes to improve effectiveness, strengthen evaluation, and help agencies and nonprofits secure equitable results for Connecticut communities. In her role, she supports the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry in strengthening procurement practices to improve workforce and ultimately quality of life outcomes for residents.

Throughout her career, Andrea has led community-centric projects through an equity-based lens by bridging direct service experience with a policy, research, and data-oriented skillset. Her professional background spans roles in nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, and private companies.

Further, she has engaged deeply in issues related to justice reform, child welfare, education quality and access, small businesses and lending, racial and health equity research, cultural preservation, and community development, specifically in the DMV and North Carolina. Alles attributes her career success to her work experiences, life experiences, friends, mentors, and peers, who are the most valued part of her education!

She started her career in Supply Chain within the Retail Industry back in , having 36 total years of the supply chain, management, and coaching experience. Polly believes that even when the half-full glass gets empty, we should take a moment to reflect, be grateful for when it was full, and focus on how to re-fill the glass with new possibilities! He has been at Leesburg for over 15 years and has over 20 years experience in public procurement.

The City of Leesburg is a smaller municipality that operates 5 utilities. This allows Mr. Thornton to facilitate all types of solicitations to acquire the commodities required by his entity. Mike takes a specific interest in promoting and encouraging innovation in public procurement through the use of technology. Stephanie practiced extensively in both the contract A and non-contract A paradigms.

Stephanie graduated university with a teaching degree and is involved with professional development at various local, national, and international events. She has been an active volunteer and advisor with professional associations since starting with the Cooperative Accreditation taskforce and now serves as the Chair of the Content Management Committee for the National Institute of Government Purchasing NIGP. They must, however, pay local hotel taxes. Employees of qualifying nonprofit organizations are exempt when traveling on official business and can pay for their accommodations with personal funds.

Representatives claiming an exemption who are not employees must pay with the organization’s funds check, credit card or direct billing to obtain the exemption. When traveling on official business, employees of specific nonprofit entities are exempt from both state and local hotel taxes.

See Publication , Guidelines to Texas Tax Exemptions , for more information on qualifying nonprofit organizations. Employees of U. Foreign diplomatic personnel with a hotel tax exemption card issued by either the U. Department of State or the American Institute in Taiwan are exempt from state and local hotel taxes. Foreign guests staying at Texas hotels are not exempt from state and local hotel tax. Generally, employees of state agencies, boards, commissions and institutions must pay state and local hotel taxes, but they can request a refund of the hotel tax paid.

Most state employees are automatically reimbursed through travel vouchers. For designated Texas state employees — mostly judicial officials, heads of agencies, and members of state boards, commissions and the Texas Legislature — the employing agency will issue a special hotel tax exemption photo ID or card.

These employees are exempt from state and local hotel taxes. Contractors and city and county government employees working for the State of Texas or the federal government are not exempt from state or local hotel taxes.


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