Course short description:

A 2 day workshop covering the evidence-based assessment and management of individuals with elbow disorders and dysfunction. The Elbow course is designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skills in the evidence-based management of individuals with elbow disorders and dysfunction. The course focuses on clinical reasoning via case presentations and hands-on skill development necessary to effectively perform a comprehensive elbow evaluation with an understanding of how the elbow is of vital importance in upper limb function. Participants will learn and receive hands-on practice of evidence-based treatments including assessment techniques, taping, strength progression and exercises to improve stability and range.

Course aims:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

Locate and discuss appropriate elbow anatomy and pathology,

● Perform a comprehensive elbow evaluation to determine the cause of dysfunction

● Select appropriate special tests to evaluate the elbow complex

● Discuss evidence-based treatments for conservative care of a variety of elbow conditions, including:

• Tennis elbow, Elbow instability, including management of elbow dislocation,  Fractures around the elbow,  Management of the post-  traumatic stiff elbow,  Ulnar nerve neuropathy,  Osteoarthritis of the elbow

● Understand the precautions and evidence-based care of postoperative treatment

About The Speaker

Course Timetable


09.00   Course introduction and key concepts in rehabilitation

09.30   Elbow anatomy quiz

10.00   Elbow biomechanics, and clinical implications of injury

10.45   Break

11.15   Examination of the elbow

11.45   Examination of the elbow (Practical )

12.15    Case discussion lateral elbow pain –  pre-prepared

12.45    Lunch

1.30       Lateral elbow tendinopathy theory

2.15       Treatment lateral elbow tendinopathy  ( Practical ) 

3.00       Break

3.30       Movement dysfunction around the elbow practical

4.00       Case study – elbow dislocation – pre-prepared

5.00       Questions and discussion


09.00     Quick recap on the day previous, to include recap of physical examination techniques ( Practical ) 

09.30     Elbow Stiffness 

10.30     Break

11.00     Elbow  stiffness ( Practical ) 

11.45     Radial  head fractures

12.30     Lunch

1.30        Distal biceps tears

2.15        Image  interpretation around the elbow

3.00        Break

3.30        Elbow replacement

4.00       Case discussions – provided by VJ and course participants

4.45       Conclusion. “Take Home Messages”

5.00       Finish


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Fee- AED 1965/-


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