The Adult Hip Patient

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Date : September 13-14 2019
Venue: Emirates Sportsmed – Palm Jumeirah (previous NanoM)

Accreditation: DHA will be applied

About Speaker:

Benoy Mathew MSc MCSP

Glen  Robbins MSc MMACP MCSP

Learning Outcomes

Day 1 :  Differential Diagnosis and Manual Therapy

Day 2 :  Rehab of Articular and Extra – articular Pathologies 

  • Overview of the complex interaction of the groin and the hip joint including femoro-acetabular impingement, labral lesions, extra-articular pathologies and tendinopathy.
  • A detailed and a systematic physical examination will be covered using a novel and evidence based tool (The layering concept) for the assessment of the adult hip patient and a solid understanding of differential diagnosis
  • Understanding of the biomechanical and developmental factors leading to symptomatic FAI and clinical insights on managing complex presentation
  • Practical application of manual therapy in the management of hip and groin pain
  • Overview of Rehab principles following Hip Arthroscopy and Conservative Management of Articular and Extra-articular Pathologies
  • Integration of the theory, current evidence and treatment tools with case studies

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